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STOP RIGHT NOW Dleo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just recently finished shopping for a new camera and lens kit myself. First real upgrade into DSRL photography.

I really need to warn you about that site and a few others. I tried to use 3 different sites and they were all actually the same company located out of NY/NJ and they have a definite scam going on. The camera body they try to selld oes not include a camera battery or charge and they are going to try and charge you out the rear for those when they have you call to confirm your order. They are also going to push heavily for you to buy their warranty and they will make "package deals" with it for "better" lenses, memroy cards, etc. If you get them to give you teh specs you will find out they are overcahrging you like crazy and that is where they are making their money. One of the kits I was looking at the first time ended up going from about $800 to over $1150 just with the battery and charger they were trying to pitch. Let me tell you, you can get a better deal shopping retial or the more respected camera sites that have been mentioned here before. Don't buy all the positive reviews they are crap, this was about a three day nightmare for me.

The three websites that I know are all the same company are:


Each website wanted me to call to confirm the order and the sales guy I was supposed to talk to had a different name each time, once it was Sam, another Mark, and the third was Tim. Each of the first two times I cancelled the order due to them not being able to ship quick enough and the jacked up price they wanted at the end. The third time I got the same guy and this time he didn't even remember what name he was supposed to be using. After dealing with his pitch and telling him I didn't want any of it he insulted my intelligence by askign what I thought was a "smart deal" for me and asked for about the fifth time if I understood what he was offering me. At this point I was done with it. I told him to cancel my order and revealed to him that this was the third time I had talked to him in 3 days from three different websites. I knew it was the same guy by the heavy accent and how he mis-pronounced my address the same way every day! He then refused to cancel my order and threatened to charge a 10% cancellation fee if I did, hoping to get me to just accept my original order. At this point I asked to speak to the management as I was very tired of his rudeness. He pulled the old trick trying to tell me he was the manager to which I (having worked in sales and being in the tops in the top 10 in the nation for my company for a few years) called BS immediately. He then got really antsy, refusing to let me talk to anyone else and continued to threaten the 10% cancellation fee. This went on for about 10 minutes of me refusing to pay and him telling me they would charge my card anyway and I would settle it with my card company. He then fnially yelled that a 10% fee was charged and hung-up on me. I suspected all of that to be a bluff and so far about a week later it has been as there has been no sign of a charge to my card.

Well that turned in to a long post but I still left out half the details. Let me summarize to say Dleo to stay the hell away from those couple of websites, major rip-offs. You can do much better! Hope that helps. I ended up buying my camera at a local camera shop anyway and was much happier with the experience for what it is worth.
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