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hey bud,
i wasn't talking about going to school to get a degree in cars... i was simply noting the fact that investors will be more inclined to invest in you (and your potential company) provided you have an extensive knowledge in the tuning industry. It's similar to mergers and acquisitions of investment banks; except, this time, it's a startup company and you're looking for startup funds.

If you don't have the appropriate tools/data for market research, i find it highly unlikely that an investor will throw you a huge sum of money on the risk that you'll pull through.

Then there's the point of marketing, advertising, client allocation, etc.

Being from NY, there are a TON of tuning shops that are disguised as high import dealers. I live next to a high-end import car dealer -- which a bigger garage than showroom to do their mods. Also, there's a lamborghini/bentley dealer that does a lot of tuning as well.

These firms have an established reputable status. You, provided you start up, will be hard-pressed to find the necessary technicians (that have intensive knowledge on tuning high-end imports), let alone hire them and offer them a pay package with incentives that surpass these huge dealers.

What type of business model are you using when considering your potential business? and how old are you btw?