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^thank you for your support. i do not fully understand what you mean by secondary marketing research. but if you are speaking about researching or paying a person to conduct best locations, current status of the tuner market, and make me a company profit chart, etc no. I blieve this is not needed. i mean take a look at Unique, they are located in the middle of a residentual area, yet they get what needs to be done for the company. thats all the matters.

Location is key in a business. Like i said i am willing to move anywhere but the key locations in general would be cali, florida, and tristate area.

Differentiator, this company will be established as an all around tuning shop. not just a tuning shop that uses just branded materials like cec (brabus, lorinser, etc) not just sound systems and huge chrome rims on european cars (cec and wcc) but bring forth heritage and culture back into the tuning industry. i don't see cars like the way these guys do. i see cars for the way they are the stance, origin, etc. something like putting 20-22" rims on a m5 is just ridiculous. you need some sporty rims like bbs, neez, champion, etc that follows the heritage of bmw, carbon fiber accents, vorsteiner, hamann, ac schnitzer, etc all mixed to create one perfect solution for the customer. not just ok i can get you something of what you want, take a look at the lorinser benz here.

Threats- this is the element of surprise in business. it can't be predicted but overall i can't see any. To each their own start and grow. CEC, Unique, and WCC and the company will have nothing affilated with eachother. In the future i plan on teaming up with Wicked and putting their cars in my showroom and help them grow as they do me. after establishment we open another building and keep developing on that. way later, we would also have marketing our own brand of performance parts.

the gaps i will fill... simple there are many tuning shops out there, wcc, unique, wicked, and cec. each company is not 100% in my view. 100% tuning is performance, interior, exterior, and sound. WCC is mainly interior and audio/video, cec is just brand name stuff, wicked is stricly porsches, and wcc is strictly exterior, and video/audio. to keep short, this company will be established as a one stop place for everytyhing a complete 100% shop.

Cars will always be in our lifestyle and i don't see tuning cars going down anytime soon. car market is great new innovations, et comming out and its going to be amazing.

PS: anyone want to be first to own a CSL