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Originally Posted by NGEE View Post
Rick, you found all that on your first try?!

All I can say is Freaking awesome trip. Best post EVER. I'm showing this to my two home-schooled kids.

That is my kind of trip. I typically make 10 miles per day. Next time you go on a trip I wanna go with!!! We can take your car. No wait.. my car. No wait.. Daarrggh!

I'm really glad you enjoyed the trip report! I hope your kids like it, too. (Maybe take them on a home-school field trip to Washington's Crossing sometime?)

I "found all that" on the first try with my new 335i, but I've been doing BMW tours since 2004, first with an F650CS motorcycle, then an R1200GS bike, and then a 2006 Z4 3.0i. Having a bike or a convertible helps you spot a lot more interesting things as you're driving along, as a result of the better field of vision.

I see you're from Burkittsville, MD. I grew up in Frederick and then Braddock Heights, and I motorcycled all around the Middletown Valley area as a teenager. I remember how excited I was to "discover" George Alfred Townsend's monument to war correspondents at Gapland.

On another occasion, I found the Reno Monument on South Mountain and rode up the narrow, winding road to the fire tower at Lamb's Knoll--and the secret government installation that, back then, was an ICBM missile launch site. I used that road as the setting for a fiction short story that I wrote for Road & Track magazine, which later inspired Neil Peart to write "Red Barchetta" for Rush's Moving Pictures album. (The whole story is available at The Drummer, the Private Eye, and Me, in case you're interested in learning more.

Thanks again!