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Originally Posted by mansito View Post
This is great. Beautiful pictures. It is impressive how you found all those beautiful old homes and the magnificent castle. How did you decide on which route to take? Did you get tips from historical sites, google, or just plain luck?

Thanks! Sometimes I plan my own routes, other times I use ones from RoadRunner Magazine, various books such as Dale Coyner's Motorcycle Journeys Through the Appalachians, Mad Maps, or other sources. There's a lot of material available online as well, including State "scenic route" websites and various motorcycle forums such as ADVrider.

Once I have a basic route, the fun begins. OpenSeaMap has a "Wikipedia" layer that overlays a "W" symbol on the map anytime there's a Wikipedia article about that location. It's an unbelievable wealth of ideas for things to find along the route--including the Fonthill Castle, among hundreds of others.

"Just plain luck" always figures into these trips, too. I always end up finding unexpected things, like the Rinek house in Easton.

If you're a glutton for punishment, you can find a listing of all of my trip reports over the years at the website.

Happy touring!