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Originally Posted by reckedhim View Post
Great post. I'm curious, how long did it take you to type all that up and upload the pics? Looks like a lot of time went into it.

Typing up the report and uploading the photos doesn't take all that long. However, the time-consuming part is doing all the research to learn more about the places I visit! It's fascinating to run across a story like "The Great Train Wreck of 1856" or to track down information about a minister who could afford to buy a used railroad bridge. I guess it's like genealogy: once you start, it can be pretty hard to stop.

My wife and I once spent several hours tracking down information about a Civil War soldier who wrote on a wall in an old general store in Virginia. We eventually learned a little about him, more about his commanding officer, and a lot about their general—including the fact that he once challenged Abraham Lincoln to a duel when they were both lawyers in Springfield, Illinois! (Lincoln accepted, by the way. Check out In Pursuit of the Grey Ghost.)

Processing the pic's takes a while, too, since almost all of them are High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos, which combine three separate exposures into one final print. But it's a labor of love.

Glad you enjoyed the report!