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Thanks! Sometimes I plan my own routes, other times I use ones from RoadRunner Magazine, various books such as Dale Coyner's Motorcycle Journeys Through the Appalachians, Mad Maps, or other sources. There's a lot of material available online as well, including State "scenic route" websites and various motorcycle forums such as ADVrider.

Once I have a basic route, the fun begins. OpenSeaMap has a "Wikipedia" layer that overlays a "W" symbol on the map anytime there's a Wikipedia article about that location. It's an unbelievable wealth of ideas for things to find along the route--including the Fonthill Castle, among hundreds of others.

"Just plain luck" always figures into these trips, too. I always end up finding unexpected things, like the Rinek house in Easton.

If you're a glutton for punishment, you can find a listing of all of my trip reports over the years at the website.

Happy touring!

Rick, I live in Doylestown and driven some of the same roads and obviously missed most of what you found. I guess I need to slow down and look around more. Thanks for the inspiration, my wife and I been looking for some idea of things to see in the area on the weekends and you have giving me a few ideas to say the least.