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Originally Posted by mgarvey View Post

We didn't really plan to have our second this early, but the last one took four years so we didn't worry too much about protection.

In fact, last time a consultant told me that (and I quote - more or less):

'It is theoretically possible for you to conceive naturally, but the probability of this happening is pretty close to winning the Lottery Jackpot'

So, we went to start IVF treatment, and they ran some tests and said, 'yes, IVF will work, come back when your wife's next period starts and you can start treatment, oh and by the way the scan is showing an abnormality on the womb lining, can you come back in two weeks for a rescan'.

The abnormality turned out to be my son Daniel.

So, this time we just decided not to worry about it as it would probably take ages to get pregnant again, and of course it has happened immediately!
should've bought a lottery ticket then too!!!