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Originally Posted by alexwhittemore View Post
Exactly what I'd suggest. There's a good chance that there's no wire in the harness for the Mic. I have no experience with doing the radio- (rather than MULF-) based retrofit, but it's possible you'll need to run a Mic cable. You can check by pulling the headliner down as you would to install the mic, popping out the FZD, and looking around for a loose 3-pin plug.
Went to the dealer yesterday... for a refresh I have a 2011 -Born April 328i, BT logo on radio, sat and usb in ctr console, 6FL.

Spoke to the BMW "Genius". He said there was a strong possibility I just needed a radio re-code to get the BT working. He wanted to see if I had a mic or not so he pulled down my FZD and said "looks like you have mic" You only need a radio re-code software change etc. I looked up there too and there was a black cube on the other side of the FZD. He didn't pull the whole thing down, so I didn't see wires or anything. but he claimed it was a mic.

IS This possible? As simple as just re-coding the radio to give me BT and VC???

Well, they sent me to the service area to get a quote and verify what he said was true... They had never heard of such a thing. They claim that you need special hardware in addition to the BT equipped radio. Service is checking further and getting back to me today.

Sorry for the long-winded story, but I am just psyched at the possibility of getting this working. I will update later.

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