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Talking Wyoming Valley Motors - Wilkes Barre, PA

First off a few things of note:

This was my first cur purchase.

I am relatively young (24) and I look younger and if you catch me on a weekend I wonít be wearing anything but a hoodie and jeans (this def. played into my treatment at another dealership)

Until now I have been driving hand-me down Subaruís in my family.

I did not want to pre-order at all.

Now onto the experience:

I showed up first on a Saturday in January and as soon as I walked in I was greeted and asked what I looking into and asked to go for a test drive. After my pervious dealings with another local BMW dealer (Tom Hesser - Scranton, PA ) I was thrilled to be taken so seriously.

After a test drive we got to talking about pricing, originally not too badÖgave me a deal on a trade equal to 400 over blue book value. Didnít want to budge off the sticker price.

Here is where I did my leg work, I emailed dealerships (many you people have listed) from Boston down to Maryland asking for best quotes, asking for about 500 over invoice being the max I would pay if they wanted to get a car off the lot by the end of the month. I got a response from a lot of places the best being about 300 over invoice.

I called Wyoming Valley Motors and told them this. After some back and forth they went to 500 over invoice for being so close to my house. We made the deal and I drove it off the lot January 28. They worked with me every step of the way and were incredibly nice. I highly recommend them in an area where people donít like to budge with sticker prices on a new BMW as such few people have them.

Maybe I could have gone someplace cheaper, or maybe I got a tremendous deal for any areaÖ.I donít really know. But I am quite confident that I at least got a good deal for my area of the country.