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Thanks for the info both of you.

As far as the list this is what I have checked so far,
- low coolant check
- too high a concentration of antifreeze (antifreeze actually decreases the ability to release heat, but is necessary for other reasons, freezing is only one of them) i will try and flush out the system, it overheated on the freeway and all we had was water so we added that, then at the nearest auto store we added straight antifreeze to try and 50/50 it.
- stuck or obstructed thermostat We are checking this on saturday
- dirty fins on the radiator exterior Will also check this on saturday
- clogged passages on the interior of the radiator Will also check this on saturday
- collapsed radiator hose (may look fine at idle, but not when the revs are up and water is moving faster) Will also check this on saturday
- running too lean (many causes) Dash Command has me running at around 14-16 AFR which good I believe
- excessive load and or speed with high ambient temperatures Keeps overheating in the city with speed limit of 30-35
- low oil level Oil is good

As for now I have been riding my bike, and this saturday my dad is coming to help me with the car, ill check the what you mentioned and do more research. Then if anything get it towed to a BMW specialist there is one near my house.