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Originally Posted by BellasBmw
That blows! Hahah great pic of you and the fountain. I wish ppl had some morals, why not return the bag and see what happens.
My faith in humanity was restored somewhat during xmas. I had went to the mall with a friend of mine, i had just purchased a expensive sweater for my girlfriend. Well, we decided to grab lunch so i was waiting at a bench for my table to be called, and i left the bag on the bench with receipts. About 2 hrs later my friend says wheres the bag? I thought o crap, i must have left it at the restaurant, then i realized, nope i didnt bring it in, i left it on the bench .I thought FOR SURE it was gone, so i went back anyway. And it was gone, so i asked the hostess at the restaurant if anyone saw a gap bag, and turns out the woman standing right next to me says "yea i saw it on that bench out there and i assumed it was someone who ate at the restaurant, so i just brought it in". I couldnt believe it!

omg how niceee of her! howeverrr, since im blessed with THE worst luck known to man, the person who found my purse probably thought to themself "OMG! free goodies!" and left
butt im pretty much over it now. now im sulking over that huge dent in my car