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Originally Posted by Tierfreund
You´re right, I should clarify:

The mod is very unlikely to be harmfull TO THE CAR. Since the main particle filter stays in place, the engine will most likely not be harmed in any way.

The mod would be detremental to the environment though, since the filter si supposedly there to preven emissions from the intake of the standing car to escape into the environment.
Though I am not an engineer, I tend to agree that removal of the charcoal filter would not likely endanger the engine, i.e. "harm the car" which is different than, "...there is no way it could be harmfull."

I also agree that the charcoal filter's purpose seems to be to keep raw gasoline vapors from escaping. I'm not sure what you mean by, "...main particle filter " That's what I have always referred to as the cabin air filter which has nothing to do with the engine. Did you mean the treated paper air filter element?