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Originally Posted by Rotary Rasp View Post
That's great, but I'm doubtful that the Bose system sounds any better. I've had 3 cars with Bose systems and they all sounded like crap. They will stick there name on anything if the car manufacturer want's to pay.
I disagree. My test was an Alicia Keys track. On the BMW it would try to play the bass loud but would either badly distort or automatically drop the bass level and flatten the song. On the BOSE system in the A6, it plays it full power. No distortion, just perfect pitch, clarity and volume. Then there is the bass. You feel it pounding on your body. As I said, it makes the 3 series sound like a speaker setup from a children's toy. BMW dealer quoted me 800 ($1000), supply and fit, to upgrade the amp, speakers and sub. Whilst speaking with the service manager, I commented on the BOSE system. He warned me that even after the upgrade, it would not be as good as the BOSE. I kept my money, sold the 3 series privately, bought an A6 via Audi approved for the same as I sold the BMW. And it came standard with 4 wheel drive, HD Sat-Nav and BOSE.