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Originally Posted by Revlis View Post
Well sure, but we'll see if the PS3 just Screeches to a freaking halt for no apparent reason and shits itself?

SO tired of the Fanboi hype with the 360 VS this or that. Get a life...

Besides, PS3 owners can let their machines run for more than 20-30 minutes without it overheating, locking up and generally shitting the bed.

But there are good games out there for both, so BOTH would seem to be the answer. Besides, as someone else mentioned, GT5 FTMFW...
Get a life? That's funny coming from someone who has 2400 posts since February '07, but at least you're active on the board. Anyway, you're right both are great systems...Sony just took too long to get it out to consumers. I personally don't know anyone who has had their 360 take a dump on them...and i've left mine on more than 24 hours (by accident), lol! I just hope ps3 picks it up in the game department, one game, GT5, isn't worth it in my opinion....well, maybe?
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