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Anyone else get their credit reports regularly?

Well, I do. I'm really kind of paranoid about this whole identity theft thing since someone sent me a fake eBay (phishing) email about 5 years ago and I filled the whole thing out.

Anyway, if you're like me and like to make sure your credit and debt history is on the up and up, you probably check your credit report often. Well, I just came across this article on MSNBC and it seems there's a new kind of identity theft going around called "SSN-only ID Theft". Nice, eh?

The article is really important and I'd recommened everyone here to check it out, just so you're aware of this. It turns out that someone can get a hold of your SSN and use it against you, but none of this shows up on your credit report. The article goes on to say basically there can be multiple names on your SSN and there's no way for you to find out about it.

Something needs to be drastically changed in this country. This is getting ridiculous!