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Yeah I think something is wrong with that gap.

You want to make sure two things were done:

1. What bumpstops were used if any? Bilstein sports have internal stops, not sure about HD's. If OEM stops are supposed to be re-used they need to be cut at least 1". Most folks use e36 M3 stops. If the HD strut rod is about the same diameter as stock you need to use some kind of external stops. If it is huge diameter compared to stock none should be used.

2. The struts have to go all the way down into the steering knuckle hub/cup thing. They should stick out the bottom approx 2". Look under the front of the car with the wheel turned out as far as you can. Look under the hub you should see the bottom of the strut sticking way out. If not it needs to be pushed down snug into the cup.

If either of these things were done wrong you'll be riding far too high. I have Eibach pro kit in front and OEM ZSP D2 rear, koni sports, nowhere near that front gap. No amount of settling will fix that.

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