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Thanks for the tips ajsalida, but I really think the combination of the new tophats and HD shocks are causing the huge gap. HD's supposedly raise your heigth about .5 inches and the tophats definitly raised it up another .5 of an inch. I am almost certain that I did the install correctly and this is just how any similar XI will look with brand new HD's and Tophats on freshly installed eibach pro kit.

The HD's have internal bumpstops so I removed the stock ones during the initial install. And you are correct, the strut rod on the HD's are about twice as thick as the stocks. So yes, internal.

The HD's do not extend past the steering knuckle like the Koni's do, and I triple checked that they were all the way down when I put them in. It actually slides down easily with a thunk when it hits the bottom of the knuckle. This is the third time I've removed the shock/stprings (once for the HD's, once for the tophats, and once for the prokit), so I'm pretty good at this now and (i think) know what I'm doing. Each side took me only about 1 hr.

The second and third pictures are with the eibachs on, and there's at tight 3 finger gap. Once this settles, I should be around 2, right? Even if it doesn't settle, I'll still be okay with how this turned out. I really like the ride and the height, as I intially just wanted to replace the blown front shocks and maintain stock height. A little more drop would be nice though!