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So you want to gain weight but you care what kind of weight? You said you work out so I'd assume you want to put on muscle vs just packing on the LBs from fat and dirty eating.
Putting on weight is easy. Eat lots of crap.
But...don't do that.

Figure out what you're maintenance amount of calories is right now then add 500-1000 calories to that. Continue working out. Wait a couple of weeks and see how your body responds to that adjustment. Then either adjust from there or maintain that caloric amount. Keep in mind that this will take some time to put on the right kind of weight and to add muscle and size. You want to stay the course and not look for quick/easy fixes like those weight gainers that you're taking that most likely have tons of crap and fillers in it that will help you add some vagigglejaggle to your waist. Keep working out and keep eating clean especially since you'll be doing less cardio.

Its really that simple.
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