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Originally Posted by Bubbarossa View Post
...Sony just took too long to get it out to consumers. I personally don't know anyone who has had their 360 take a dump on them...and i've left mine on more than 24 hours (by accident), lol! I just hope ps3 picks it up in the game department, one game, GT5, isn't worth it in my opinion....well, maybe?
+1. My opinions exactly.

The main prob with the PS3 at the moment is that it just lacks game support. I forgot about GT5, that looks f'in sweet, but I honestly don't think ANY game is worth a $450 price tag. I also haven't noticed any "photorealistic" graphics from any of its games as of yet; GT5 being the one exception.

And that overheating thing was really hyped up...something like 3% of all owners have had failures. That's expected of an electronic device with so many individual pieces. I've left mine on for nearly 24 hours w/o realizing it. When I checked on it, it felt warm at the most.
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