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Iím using the pro kit for a 328i sport coupe, part number 2091.140. I thought this would be the closest fit for my xi. Hereís the only picture I have comparing the front springs. Wish I had a better one. The Eibach spring is on the right. To me its hard to tell but I would guess theyíre pretty close to same size? Maybe pro kit even longer? Shouldnít they be noticeably lower/shorter? The stock spring on the right is labeled i2.

And I see what youíre saying about me using the pro kit made for the lighter non xi 328, and how that should have exaggerated the drop even more than the suggested 1.4 inches. So now Iím scratching my head a little on this too. BTW, I did check and make sure the part numbers were correct before I installed them.

Next weekend Iím going to install the HDís on the rear with the pro kit springs and see if I get a similar non-lowering effect. If I do get a big drop in the rear, then maybe there is something wrong with my front install? If I donít get much of a drop, then maybe itís the HDís reducing my drop? The good thing is I enjoy working on my car and donít mind if I have to things over again or try different spring comboís. I read about how you have the zspís on the rear of your car before I bought the pro kit and was initially looking for them but couldnít find any below d6.

Question about settling. Will driving more help settle the car faster? Or is it just a time thing? I take public transportation all week to work and only drive about 5-15 miles on the weekend. Could be waiting a while for this to settle. Might be time for a road trip!
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