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Extended Warranty

In response to a previous thread, I asked my dealer about purchasing a Extended Warranty just before the new car warranty expires.
He replied it would cost approx. $1,500.00 CDN more in today's prices then to purchase the same coverage at time of delivery.
I am going to get the Ultimate from Coverage One Corporation with $200.00 Deductable.
This is all inclusive with specified exclusions and is for 7 years/140,000 Km
The exclusions are mainly maintaince items such as brakes, trim etc.
The only electronic item excluded that I can see is the Nav System.
I think with BMW, especially a new model, the service rates are too high, $90.00/Hr, and the chances of having electrical/computer breakdowns are high.
This coverage is $2,627.00 CDN from the BMW dealer.
They told me BMW does not offer an extended warranty with their new cars, only the Certified Series with certain used cars.
I am planning on keeping the car for approx 6-7 years.