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Vista BMW Coconut Creek

Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum here and thought I'd share my recent car shopping experience. I went to the Vista location on Sample two weeks ago to see about ordering a E92. I went to the front desk, told them what I was there for, and was told it would be a few minuted while they get a salesman for me. A minute later a salesman (Tony) greeted me and asked how he could help me. I told him I was looking for an Alpine White E92. Tony told me it would probably be best to order one, but there may be one on the lot. We walked outside and found a few E92's on the lot and was told by Tony "I don't know if they are available." At this point I'm thinking to my self, wouldn't you want to find out? We then walked back inside to his desk as the E92's on the lot were not exactly what I wanted. I asked Tony about pricing, financing, the process for ordering, etc. He told me I can get the price from the website and after I decide what I want to build one online, print our the details and bring it back to him to order. I'm not in sales, but I would think you want to keep the customer in front of you and not tell them to go do all the work and come back later. He wouldn't even talk about financing options. Actually, he did ask if I wanted to lease and seemed disappointed when I told him I was looking to purchase. So, I left Vista, and drove up to Braman in WPB and placed my order. There I met a salesman who seemed interested in selling me a car.