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Thanks for all the great info! Based off of what you said about the rear springs, I might just do rear bilstein HD's with stock springs for now. I really don't want the rear any lower than the current 2 finger gap.

I did get XI specific Bilstiens, and the eibach springs did line up perfectly, top and bottom, to the end of the rubber of the perches.

I did not know that Bilstein recommends that you compress the shock completly before installing! Do you think that is why my ride height is kind of high? Guess I'll have to find some slow bumps to try and compress some of the air out.

As far as ride quality, I'm still really enjoying how it is right now. I find myself actually hitting small bumps somtimes instead of avoiding them! And the front has settled about 1/8 inch over the last week. I'll post back with pics if it goes any lower after a few weeks.