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Exclamation (SSTT)Split Second/Eurobahn Turbo Tuner FAQ:

thought i might share some info i have gathered from this and other sites about the turbo tuner some people in the market might find useful.

The Turbo Tuner is Made by Split Second:

There Main Dealer and Distributor is Eurobahn:
Supporting Vendors of can order directly from them aswell.

They also are sold by many other Companies including:

Bavarian Autosport:

The M Shop- Jon the supporting vendor of the site

Bimmer performance Store:
who are also supporting vendors of the site

NA motorsports


The unit MSRP is $599.99
Works with the LATEST v81 DME and program 29.2!
IT has a 7-day money back gurantee.
2 year warranty on the product itself
ONLY plug and play tune on the market for the 335i right now
takes under a minute to install and no wires to play with
Cannot be traced or found once removed
a average of 40WHP and 40Wftlb on members dynos.
Runs a low boost of about 11psi(+3psi from stock)
Moderate power so you dont worry about overloading the engine and Tranny.
Is great for leased cars.
Half a dozen BMW dealers in the us are selling them in the Parts department

Won the Global Award for the Best Engineered new product at the 2007 SEMA show


A few words From Split Second makers of the Turbo Tuner:

The one thing I can say for sure is that the Turbo Tuner is not a boost controller.Boost control is carried out by the stock ECU. All the mapping of boost vs. engine operating point that is inherent in the stock is preserved.
Additionally the precision and stability of boost control is still
within the domain of the stock ECU. This is very important in order to
preserve the stock drivability of the car.

The IAT reading is altered by the Turbo Tuner. It is done in a subtle
way that preserves the IAT reading. We do not make big changes that
would be easily observed from the OBDII diagnostic port.

To give you a little better feel for the product here are some of the
design features of the product.

1) Enhance Performance by up 50 ft-lbs and 40 horsepower at the

The Turbo Tuner is an embedded control solution that works seamlessly
with the stock ECU. It works on demand meaning that once the engine is
in boost and throttle position is increased, the boost is increased.
This increase in boost builds in a smooth, progressive fashion as the
throttle position is increased. The Turbo Tuner is not a boost
controller. The boost of the engine is always being controlled by the
stock ECU. Therefore, the quality of how boost builds and is managed is
completely preserved.

2) Easy to Use

The Turbo Tuner is a true plug-and-play solution that can be installed
or uninstalled in seconds by the end customer. This is a major step
forward in convenience compared to ECU re-flash or hard-wired piggyback
controller solutions. Both of those alternatives take considerably
longer to install. Unlike an ECU re-flash, after the Turbo Tuner is
removed, there is no trace that it was ever there. Unlike a hard-wired
piggyback, the stock wire harness is left untouched.

3) Maintain Stock Drivability

The Turbo Tuner does not change the characteristics of the engine in the
vacuum region. This assures that the drivability, fuel economy and
exhaust emissions are completely stock when driven with light throttle.
Every effort has been made to assure that the smooth and refined
character of the car is not adversely affected.

4) Preserve Reliability

Every aspect of the inherent protection features built into the stock
engine management system is preserved. In addition, the design features
a soft limit circuit that avoids overboost. This protects the engine
from potentially damaging boost spikes. There is also a temperature
compensation protection circuit that lowers boost at elevated under-hood

5) Highest Product Quality

The Turbo Tuner is built using surface mount technology and
state-of-the-art, pick-and-place automated assembly equipment for the
ultimate in quality assurance and reliability. The internal circuitry
utilizes precision components rated for 1% tolerance and specified for
operation over the industrial temperature range. OEM connector
components are used to assure reliable electrical connections



new 29.2 and DME v81:

It was an exhausting week but a very educational one. We were fortunate that our friends had just completed the new training on the new software and counter measures known as FASTA.

The data recording trends and what they are looking for was also most enlightening. They are indeed most concerned about high boosting systems and so have directed their efforts in that area. The SSTT stays well within margins that throw no red flags. We were able to see on their new screen the faults they were looking for. These "adapations" and there are four specific ones that are being examined and recorded will absolutely catch out of margin information.

I was extremely pleased to see that even on our main test vehicle that has hundreds of dyno runs with the SSTT we only threw codes related to wheel speed due to dyno work. Our 135 which has been getting the snot kicked out of it with the SSTT and the intake kit we sell had zero adaptation violations!

All in all we could not be happier with the outcome. Now on to the California Air Resources Board for testing. Once we have our emissions number, anyone who purchased a SSTT in the past year may request a sticker and we will happily give one to you for your vehicle


how the SSTT works:

your questions timing could not have been better as I was over at Split Second for a meeting! Here is what I was told, you are absolutely correct. The Turbo Tuner does indeed modify the iat sensor to pull timing. The amount varies depending on boost conditions and intake temperatures. However it can be a bit more than the amount you listed if it is needed. Air Speed and density play a big role in the way this vehicle is tuned constantly by the DME. This is also why the Turbo Tuner is a safe tuning option, it works with the onboard safety precaustions and adds another layer with it's built in temperature protection circuit.

I hope you guys who are judging the Turbo Tuner will remember one thing. Not one customer of the device has ever asked for a refund or posted any bad experience what so ever.




European Car Web's MAGAZINES test:

DIY install:


HOUSTONT dynos, and RMCOOLX inside.

Hope this will help some People. i will add to this from week to week. it was done quickly. lata guys.

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