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Originally Posted by redE93cab View Post
dunno! - what software you burnin them with? I use Nero...have done for years and it never fails. Have you tried a different brand of CDR...some players dont like certain brands, athough that is more a problem of yesteryear with old players, new ones should give you no hassle at all. Are they massive files (ie long tracks at a very high bitrate? You could try re-ripping the songs using a lower bitrate to bring the file size down a little?

All just ideas and to be honest quite long shots?

Yo not got 6FL carlos?? I rarely play CD's in mine so have had no trouble so far.
Nah mate, i dont even know what 6fl is?

used to use nero on my old desktop and had no probs only since ive had my LAPtop from june thati use its own software and some songs just dont play?

could it be the type of cd i buyin?
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