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I got my TT 4 days ago. It is a blast. It did take about 2hrs of drive time to adapt to what is now very smooth and consistant power. (or maybe it took me that time to adjust to IT LOL)

Yesterday I put 5 gallons of 100 octane and then filled up with the best we can get here in CA 91 octane and after about 30 mins of spirited driving the car really started to perform. I remember when I picked up the car in Europe how much better it performed on their high octane fuel. So the TT with say a 93-94 average is soo nice.

I do notice that some times after several blast one after the other, the last of say 4 feels a bit flat. Then after say 30 seconds of driving off full power the next blast attempt feels very strong again.

Otherwise I love it. I sure wish we had 93 in California as the norm. Then the TT would be just perfect for me and too easy for those that lease and dont need that brut force of the Procede.

When I had an Evo Shiv did a map for 95 octane for me and I used to have a 30 gallon drum of 100 delivered to my office every month so that I could blend my own 95!

My have to do that again