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Originally Posted by TokyoCarGuy View Post
wow, amazing shots. Maybe just a tiny bit too much HDR on some shots, but what a great composition. Amazing sites too.

Thanks! I agree that I often get a bit carried away with the HDR processing. I'm still working to find just the right balance, especially with some of the back-lit, very contrasty photos. Having tried HDR photos, I must admit that I don't see ever going back to conventional photography. The ability to get both dark and light details in a photo comes much closer to what we actually see than what appears in a normal, single-exposure shot.

A pro photographer friend of mine told me about the techniques pioneered by Ansel Adams to accomplish the same goal--roughly 100 years ago!


PS: I would love to see some of your pictures from Japan. I've passed through Tokyo twice on the way to other places, but I've never had the chance to do any serious touring there.