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2006 Cadillac DTS Test Drive!!!!

Ha ha ha I know what you're thinking and before you say it, let me just tell you coming from my E90 I thought the caddy didn't stand a chance, but quite honestly, it really did impress me, even for a GM.

The cadillac dealer sent my grandfather one today for him to drive around today and see how he likes it, so later in the day, he let me take if for a spin by myself

Let me just say that I had absolutely NO expectations with this car. I've got the usual BMW-owner superiority complex that no car could possibly be better than my little E90 (and I've still feel this way ) But having driven his 2002 Deville, with the car all over the road, ridiculously loose steering, and "floating on a cloud"-like suspension, I really must say cadillac has outdone themselves with the new DTS.

The car is very roomy, nicely sized for a larger sedan. The interior is pretty much "cadillac". It's got a classic look, and I think it's pretty nice. There's an analog clock smack dab in the middle of the dash that I thought was pretty cheesy, but at night all lit up, it really looks pretty good!

I wasn't really all that impressed with the navi system (though the fact that cadillac actually puts a navi system in the deville is impressive, in and of itself ). The volume control is kind of in a bad spot since the car we had has the classic dash shif--instead of on the floor. But overall, the screen was pretty cool, touch screen (it was weird because I'm used to the iDrive) but I wouldn't say the touch screen was any better...if anything the touch screen can become annoying after a while because it isn't THAT responsive. Through the navigation, all I could find were controls for Navi and the radio (this car was equipped with XM and it was the first time I acutally ever screwed around with it...I'm thinking I may get it for my bimmer!)

When they said the suspension is brand new and completely redesigned, they meant it! It was very smooth and you couldn't hear practically anything outside except the wind. The drive was very smooth, but the handling I believe is in line with BMW. You guys probably won't believe me, but trust me when I say the 2002 deville was all over the road and you could probably roll the car if you turned the wheel to fast. But now, very stiff suspension! I'm not going to say it took turns as well as the E90 because it didn't, but then again it's a much bigger car. But I will say it definitely didn't have the BMW feel, and I think only BMW owners can understand the "feel" I'm talking about here--more than a physical connection to the road kind of thing.

But with its big V8 northstar, I can tell you that car can move! Much better acceleration off the line and while moving than the 2002. This car is QUICK! Gas economy was about right for an 8, but now on the screen it tells you (much like BMW) your fuel economy when you acclerate and when you coast.

The outside really impressed me the most. The headlights are bi-xenon, as you can hear them pop up and down when you flash high and low beams. I think the e90 uses halogen for high beams. But what really got me the most was the LED rear lights. Yes, the 2002 had LED brake lights, but now the DTS has LED rear back-up lights, with a hint of blue. It looks awesome at night!

Seriously, I've always thought of cadillac as being an old man's car, but I think GM knew they had to do something to keep Cadillac alive, and at least I feel they have succeeded, at least this time. Sure it was definitely no BMW, and actually comparing the two cars doesn't make much sense since the E90 is sports sedan and the Caddy is luxury sedan--two completely different markets, but I felt like sharing this info with you guys. Believe me, I am the biggest GM hater in the world, but I really must say I was impressed.