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Bit of a repost,more info,help needed e90 fault code.

Hi all, I recently bought a 2009 318D saloon , it is a 2009 reg with 90000 on the clock, and basically all was fine, I took it to a local Indy to have oil and filter and a diagnostic,all was fine, then literally an hour later I had an error pop up on the dash ,which was cc-id 29 , I took the car back and they reset it,and all seemed ok,but a few days later the fault code came back ,and then went after a few miles,and it has been like this for a few weeks now,and seriously bothering me.
I have spoken to the dealer, who's warranty only covers the engine itself and internals, so for example if it is the dreaded fuel pump they are not interested, but I only have about a week left of the warranty so really need to get something done about this .
The thing that I find odd is that I don't thrash the car, so I may be going down the motorway on cruise at 70mph, then the dreaded bong,and it he fault pops up, then say five miles down the motorway,it goes away ,then other times it will pop up,and stay on for an hour ,even if I have stopped the engine, then continued my journey again , so I am wondering if there is anything that the Indy could have knocked,or something else, as I find it weird that the fault is intermittent , btw they did say I had a duff air charge sensor they replaced,but still no joy,any help appreciated, cheers,Dennis .