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Originally Posted by vivekk View Post
You probably don't know about it, Carlosttheupper20KHz, but it's likely to be due to the software in your car.

BMW UK introduced it's latest 'Logicloss' decoder in a number of 'test' e92 diesel vehicles in the UK, over the last 12 months. I think you may have one of these 'test' cars.

The system is currently able to analyse audio data from CD, DVD, USB drives & iPods making use of the 6FL interface.

Radio broadcasters have forced BMW to disable the decoder's ability to analyse analog radio & DAB stations.

The system has been developed after years of testing with several German jukebox & digital audio processing developers.

Unbeknown to many pub jukebox users around the country, selected track data from thousands of pubs with these machines has been fed to a series of 'TrackSh*te' databases. This huge collection of information has now been used to develop an artificial intelligence-based system which 'knows' which music track is actually worth listening to, & which isn't.

BMW decided to test the system amongst diesel users, in particular, due to the variation in their hearing frequency range, compared to that of petrol users.
Research has shown diesel users are completely oblivious to midrange vocals, due to the fundamental frequencies associated with diesel engine & car body resonance.
This means that they are also less likely to notice the missing tracks, which 'Logicloss' has taken the initiative to remove.
It has also been suggested that this is one reason diesel owners won't listen to anything petrol owners say about their cars.

The system is still undergoing widespread testing. Newest developments include the ability to 'guess' which tracks are reaching a specific level of 'Logicloss', based on tempo, vocal variation or lack thereof & digital chorus assessment.

Artists known to be affected by 'Logicloss' interventions include Barry Manilow, Julio Iglesias, DJ Sammy & Eric Prydz.

This means the system may well stop you playing a track after the first time you play it, even though it let you play it for a good 30secs on the first occasion.
Some 'users' have wrongly thought this has been due to a knackered CD drive, iPod or USB drive.

BMW dealerships have no details about 'Logicloss' whatsoever, so it would be completely pointless in contacting them in regards to this issue.

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