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Ok, I see in another post:

Originally Posted by bimmermans54 View Post
Look, its very simple. You need the DP's to make the extra hp and boost. AA threw more boost at my car and it made no difference until I took the cats out of the dp's. Also, on my #1 switch, its something like 17.5-18lbs of boost, after that the turbos get so hot that they are maxed out, its even pushing it with the extra boost, I need to run 100 octane mix to even see a difference. So all those people who are saying that they are getting this rwhp, and rwtq, are blowing major smoke up everyones ass! The car is maxed out as far as I stand. No v2, or "other" goodies from other people is south florida are going to make more that whats already out there, anywhere, period. Unless your upgrading turbos, but then you will run into fuel issues... So all this stuff with the v2 is going to come out and be soo crazy, it wont be any different then the tune I have on my car right now....

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Nothing other than a custom exhaust, 2 2.5 inch all the way back, catless DP's, and AA's one of few xede that is running the 14/18 lb switch. A set of plasma coils. Now, I just ran it against my old e46 m3 with the AA s/c stg3+ that dynoed 453rwhp, and I from wherever pull about 1 car length and hold him off until around 150.... I have to dyno my car to see what I am making. BUT the boost I am running is to the limit, it needs 100 octane to run the 18lbs.

People should trust the bmw people. Meaning AA has done bmws for 25+ years. They are the G-ds of anything bmw. Not a new JAP guy. AA has relentlessly helped me in making car crazy fast. So, go by what they say and offer, and your car will be the best it can...
Originally Posted by bimmermans54 View Post
LIsten, just call me. I know all the places to go to. And SRC IS NOT one of them. Their dyno hasnt been calibrated for years. I went there with a car, dynoed it, and made 28 MORE rwhp on a differnt dyno. I know al the guys like family at AA,plus I have my own shop. So hit me up! Ill take you over to Billet, thats where we do all our dynoes! Custom tuning and all!
If you running a custom map with extra boost, have beat a 453whp E46 M3 stage 3, know AA like family, and own your own shop, it might not be a fair comparison to sflgator's off the shelf v2 tune with all 4 cats in place.

Any comments?