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Originally Posted by bimmermans54 View Post
Ok, I met up with sflgator, and unexpectedly made a few runs. He has the v2, I have the AA xede. I have no cats, and magnaflow glasspacks. Please dont start with I have this and that and what not. Because no exhaust work will make up the difference. Vids speak for themsleves. Sorry its only a camera phone, but its still clear enough to see the difference. There was passengers in each car, I am hoping that they will post remarks!
Recap:Now my car is on 20's and a full Reiger bodykit, where SFLGATOR came in rims that weigh 20lbs. We met at the local Jamba juice. We went on the turnpike, where our first run, I jumped early, so we got off, and we went again from a 40mph roll, and a 20mph roll. Each time, especially from the 20mph roll, I jump right away, and keep pulling, after the end of my 3rd gear, I just let off, because there is a huge gap between us, that the vids plainly show. In the 20mph roll, I spun for 2 gears, while passing him on his PS2's. SFLGATOR car isnt slow, and I sincerely appreciate him meeting us so that we could test our cars together.
Nice to finally see some videos. But I really don't think it's fair or accurate to say exhaust work would make no difference and conclude that the AA unit is faster than the V2 Procede. Exhausts have shown repeatedly to yield significant HP on the 335i.