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Originally Posted by icedragon

So how should I repair this? I will be covering the repair costs myself so an affordable solution would be great. I have no intention of informing my mom as I don't want to make her feel guilty. I don't think the pinches can be dentlessly removed because the front bumper is made of plastic (not metal) and cannot be simply popped out. At the moment, I'm considering buying a new (and preferably affordable) front bumper. Here are the ones I've thought about so far ...

Any other suggestions? (pls provide pic)

Actually it can be "popped" out. Sort of anyway. What they can do it heat up the fender and then push/mold it back to it's original shape. I'm having it done right now on a part to the left of the license plate area (about the size of a racquetball) where I hit some road debris. Cost me about $250 total.