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Starbucks Euro meet. Thursday 02-09-06 Glendale/La/Eaglerock/La cresenta

NEXT GTG : Feb 09 2006
Click On Page 4 for Updates

This is the official Starbucks gtg post so check in for sates and time etc

Alright well the Tommy's GTG has moved to the Starbucks in La Canada. Due to the Honda guys a few blocks away ruining Tommy's we had to move. Early today Sal (Team Evotech) and I talked to Management at Starbucks and they said its perfectly cool for us to meet. Every Saturday they have hot rods show up and don't see a problem with us Vw/Audi guys showing up and having a good time. As long as we keep everything cool and act mature we can hang out there. So we will see how this spot works out and if worst comes to worst we will find another spot but for now i believe this spot should be good.

Starbucks is now ever 2nd Thursday of every month here are the dates for each month for this year

When: 02-09-06 (Every 2nd Thursday of every month)
Time: around 8:30 - 9:00ish

1929 Verdugo Blvd. #A
La Canada, California 91011
--------Click Here To Get Directions to Starbucks --------

Coming From 210 East (Valley Area Simi, Chatsworth)
Exit Ocean View Blvd.
Turn Right onto Ocean View Blvd.
Left onto Honolulu Ave
Honolulu turns into Verdugo Blvd. and the GTG will be on your left hand side

Coming From 101 South (Thousand Oaks)
Take 134 East
Merge onto Ca-2 North
Exit Verdugo when you exit the gtg will be straight ahead

Coming from 10 West (Ontario Area)
Mere onto the 57 North
Mere onto the 210 West
Exit Ca-2/ Angeles Crest
Right onto Foothill Blvd
Left on Verdugo and the GTG should be on you right hand side

Coming from 210 west (Pasadena, Monrovia, Rancho Area)
210 West
Exit Ca-2/ Angeles Crest
Right onto Foothill Blvd
Left on Verdugo and the GTG should be on you right hand side

The Starbucks is right Across the street from the Verdugo Hospital.You will also notice a United Artist Theater, it is in the same parking lot as the theater. We will be meeting at t he far north west corner of the parking lot. Please do not park near the business so customers can have easy access to businesses in that area
!!Also Please NO Racing, Burning Out etc!!

Places To Eat:

Cafe Sole

Rice Garden

Goldstien Bagels