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Originally Posted by Tierfreund
Quite right. With a butt dyno you´ve got an ass reading out the results. I refuse to take an ass seriously though.
LOL.. You're asking us cheap asses who did a free mod to get a couple of dynos done. Nobody will do that.

I left Monday morning for Raleigh/Durham (flew in from Boston).. just getting back an hour ago. I just took out the car, and it definitely seems there is a bit more response. I doubt it's that much quicker, but throttle response is better, which is good enough for me. I wasn't expecting much of anything, to tell the truth. I'm pleasantly surprised.

I have to drive into work (vs. taking the commuter rail), and will get a better appreciation for the change. I'll let you know what I though, if you care at all.

I may take it out to show pics, but a DIY is really not needed. It's pretty self explanitory, if you equip youself with a couple wide chisels, a putty knife, a T25 torx driver, and a dremel tool. To take the airbox out, all you need is a 10mm socket, and a regular screwdriver.