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Originally Posted by
I smell riced out butt dyno.
I thought you stopped doing that

There is a bit better throttle response. I didn't think there would be, but there is. For you, who has zero personal experience with this mod, to refute any of it is bologna. Being able to suck more air in with less turbulance of the extra charcoal baffle, there will be some gains. I doubt it's much, but it is there.

Warranty issues? it does nothing to the car except for preventing gasses escape after you shut the car off. There are no warranty issues, unless go in to have your car fixed for not halting those pesky gasses after you shut your car off.

Ben1364.. I posted on the first page that I had done the mod on Sunday. Somebody hasd asked for a DIY, and I replied it's really not needed. If you have those tools, you can do it without a DIY. Good luck.