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Originally Posted by Eberhard View Post
After looking at the demographics on a recent post, and reading others - it seems as though most folks lease their cars. I could be off here, but those who post indicate leasing is the most common way that even the 3 Series are procured

So, could those of you that are more astute in financial matters than I explain why you would lease your BMW – or any new automomobile? By no means am I saying that leasing a new car is wrong (where do all those CPO's come from?).

Heck in my younger days the wealthy folks would buy a new Caddy or Lincoln “when the ashtray got filled” as they bragged - but they never leased their cars.

Just curious,


I lease (BMW's specifically) for a few simple reasons....
  • Lower out of pocket expense
  • I don't drive many miles a year
  • Historically, I have changed cars every few years, so I prefer to lease
  • My car is always under warranty
  • Open end leases give me the option to walk away
  • Market risk is on the manufacturer

Leasing does not work for everybody, nor is it always the best financial decision for everybody. Sometimes leasing works in the favor of the individual, sometimes it doesn't. With BMW, and the better than average resale value, it isn't uncommon for a lease to work in favor of the individual. Alas, too many variables, an over abundance of conjecture.

Now let's hear it from the people who are pro-lease, and the inevitable viewpoints of those who are anti-lease.