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Originally Posted by Busha View Post
Hello to all,

I have some serious problems with my car and my mechanic does not know how to fix it. Air condition compressor is ok, gas is not leaking, complete system is ok but compressor does not get impulse to turn ON ever, all LEDs on air condition in the car are working but the car is simply not reacting on temperature that I give, it does blow but air is from the outside. On diagnostic laptop it gives some error like "Comunnication of the main computer with air condition computer error". Something like that. Can anyone help me or maybe someone had this stupid problem ? Could it be that air condition part with wheels inside the cabin is not working ? I am really lost and even in BMW garage they dont know what it is. They all thought that it is compressor but my mechanic connected it directly with a wire and then the AC works, air is cold. But when connected on the car it does not trigger anything. And also he says that the car shows zeros on AC pressure but the gas and pressure is there. He tried to change indicator of gas pressure on compressor and still nothing. My car is BMW 320d E90 Year 2007.

Thanks a lot
hey I hope u can help me out I have the same exact issue that u had but the guy that sold it to me added the new I drive with the 8 button from the 2011 model and I'm afraid that if I update the car software it would block the I drive since it wad coded by a third party tech and not an official Bmw network please I need to fix this problem because it's really hot in here in Rome and I'm from canada it's like 33 celsius out here thanks