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lol. Well, you can't really say I have zero experience. With this particular mod, right, no experience. but this mod is just as similar as "freeing" your restrictive stock intake system.
It's similar, but not the same. At least you can admit you know nothing about this particular mod. It is similar to a aftermarket intake system, but has a definitive difference. With aftermarket designs, you are completely modifying the airflow by rerouting the air, and causing a wildly different airflow. That is why different aftermarket intakes with teh same K&N cone filter element produce differing results. However, the removal of the charcoal element modification is simply making the existing path less restrictive.

As for my 39 mile drive into Boston today, there's a few things I noticed. I left the radio muted for the entire drive to note any audible differences, and not be preoccupied with radio programming, as to also take note of any perceived changes in the car's behavior.

There are some things to note:

- Sound differences. Like any aftermarket "freer breathing" add-on, this removal of the charcoal element increases the engine noise. Not nearly as much as the GruppeM I had in my e46 330i's, but there is a noticable difference. This is particularly so at WOT and at higher rpm's when removing your foot from the gas. This may or may not appeal to you, but take note that it will be a bit louder when getting on the gas or removing your foot from the gas at higher rpms. At normal lioghtfooted driving, it's imperceptible. Personally, I like the extra hood music when "getting on it".

- Throttle reponse. I know this is subjective, and I understand skepticism, especially when taking into account extra perceived "oomph" due to the audible difference, BUT it certainly feels like there is a quicker reaction from the gas pedal to actual accelleration. There was a slight lag that is noticably deminished with the removal of the charcoal element. That translates to a bit quicker jump. I am an avid autocrosser, and I'll be looking for any added advantage.

- Added Power. I highly doubt that this adds any power to the car, and even if there were a few added hp's, I know that I could not feel 1-5 hp's added to 255. Even if it did add a modest number, in any practical application, it wouldn't make any noticable difference.

For me, this was a worthwhile 20 minutes of labor, with zero cost, and zero potential harm. You can make your own decision as to doing this or not, but for me.. I think it was well spent time.