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Originally Posted by lni
It's similar, but not the same. At least you can admit you know nothing about this particular mod. It is similar to a aftermarket intake system, but has a definitive difference. With aftermarket designs, you are completely modifying the airflow by rerouting the air, and causing a wildly different airflow. That is why different aftermarket intakes with teh same K&N cone filter element produce differing results. However, the removal of the charcoal element modification is simply making the existing path less restrictive.
Right. But I think we are thinking in two different ways.
Its same basic theory/principle. Restrictive to less restrictive.
Air path might be different, but generally speaking, we are not discussing about air flow and amount of colder/hotter air being forced into intake manifold. You removed the charcoal filter. Result, less restrictive intake system, moving the power band up. Hp/Tq gained. You put on an free flow aftermarket intake system. Result, even less restrictive, moving the power band up even more. Hp/Tq gained(if the aftermarket intake system is properly R&Ded and built).

What Im trying to tell you is very simple.
If you can't feel 15hp/10tq gain from full intake replacement, how can you feel 10hp/5tq gain from charcoal filter removal?
If you can't even feel better throttle response from free flow intake system, how can you feel slight difference in throttle response from removed filter?

Again, its all up in your mind. Don't get me wrong though. I understand what you are saying. It just sounds a bit funny when people say "I feel alot of difference" from minimal gains that human being in general really won't be able to feel. Well, thats unless if you are REALLY REALLY sensitive. I'll just consider as you are one of those sensitive person. Because I am too. Watch, you'll see me bragging about how big of a difference an intake made for the e90 when I get one.

- Sound differences. Like any aftermarket "freer breathing" add-on, this removal of the charcoal element increases the engine noise. Not nearly as much as the GruppeM I had in my e46 330i's, but there is a noticable difference. This is particularly so at WOT and at higher rpm's when removing your foot from the gas. This may or may not appeal to you, but take note that it will be a bit louder when getting on the gas or removing your foot from the gas at higher rpms. At normal lioghtfooted driving, it's imperceptible. Personally, I like the extra hood music when "getting on it".
Is this true??? Because all the M5 owners and few E90 owners who did this mod said there is no difference in sound. If there is... emmm. I am very tempted.
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