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Here is a copy of a reply I got from another board.
I quote "It means $2627 with $200 deductible is for a coverage of extra 3 yrs/60k km.
And here is for your info...
Let assume you've 5 problems during the last 3yrs and each one cost over $200. It means you're paying $3627 ($2627 + 5*$200) in total. A average of $725.4 ($3627/5) per problem fixing.
For 10 problems, you'll pay $5627 in total and a average of $562.7 per problem fixing."
So, I guess it really is a guessing game.
I know I used the EW on my 2000 Dodge Dakota Truck 4 X 4 and wish that the coverage period was longer then than the 100,000 KM as I put another $1,600.00 into power steering repairs at 146,000 KM.
So I think I will get the EW.
If it was an Acura or Lexus, I probably wouldn't.