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Originally Posted by 2mnycars View Post
Wow. Memories. Wonderful story.
I lusted for a Lotus Elite. Until my friend's car ruptured it's hydraulic clutch hose, and became a crispy critter.
And a BMW 2002. Then a tii. No, I didn't buy either.
Wonderful story of vintage racing as it was, and as it has become.

Happy Summer Days up there in Canada!

I drove a number of 2002's while instructing for Bill Scott Racing at Summit Point track and car club events, and I loved how they handled--much better than my 1981 320i, I must say, although they didn't have quite as much total grip.

I've never driven a Lotus Elite, unfortunately. The rear suspense of the one I considered buying had pulled out of its fiberglass mounting, so it couldn't be driven.

On the other hand, I've had the opportunity to drive all sorts of other cars over the years, including a Lola Formula Ford, Ferrari 250GT cabriolet, Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer, Aston Martin DB 4 and DBS, Fiat Dino Spyder, various Austin Healeys and XKE's, and others that I can't remember offhand. The 250GT was almost impossible to drive smoothly: the clutch, steering, and gearshift were all very heavy to operate, while the gas pedal took virtually no effort at all!