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Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
Can I kindly request all of you, who CAN code to put your name with your coverage areas here, so our forum fellow members can benefit from your coding abilities. About charges, I am sure that you will be charging nominal fees if to help forum members.

I will start with myself.

can cover Essex, London, and West Kent.
I can do followings;

Coding Remotely
If you have a coding cable and software ready and not sure what to do, I can code your car remotely. Done few cars in UK, Norway, and Thailand.

Flashing Modules
1- Alpina Transmission Flash for 335i
only if you have N54 engine and built is 03/07 and onward

2- Alpina Engine Flash for 320D
only if its pre 03/07 with dpf
3- Security update on all 3 / 1 series (may extend to other series).
useful for 2005-2007 owners who are excluded from dealers list
4- ELV toruble shooting / Steering wheel lock error

Retrofits / Major codings:
-LCI tail lights retrofitting coding

-Xenon Retrofitting coding (Example)
-Hi-Fi coding of BMW head unit / CCC / CIC
photos of pre and post hi-fi coding

-FRM2/3 retrofitted to cars with FRM1
Feedback1 Feedback 2
-Registering new battery or change AH on the car to accommodate battery of different AH or change to AGM type.
-CIC DVD playing when driving (for test purpose and off road driving only)
-Dension Gateway / ipod kit coding
-L7 head unit coding to retrofit L7 amp
-Increase brightness of DRLs and Keep them constantly bright (no dimming on parking lights / dipped headlights)
- Heating Seats retrofit coding
- Retrofit Head unit with USB / BT / DAB (example)

Increase Security of your BMW
-Add Chirp sound on locking / unlocking
-Add Visual sign (signal light blinks one time) when you lock your car.
These two helps to make sure that you locked your car. Somebody may have a signal jammer and if you do not hear locking chrip sound or turning signal light going, that means somebody is in the vicinity.
-Increase volume of your OEM security Alarm
-Add High beam flashing with your security alarm (park the car directing your windows of home and if alarm triggered, it will flash high beams to your windows)

Other codings:
- Update maps of CIC
-Add digital speed on speedometer
-Add instant mpg on speedometer (M sports car only)
-Fog light on with welcome light
-Increase the tilt of passenger mirror when reversing
-Wipers return to starting position if car is turned off
-Delete rear number plate LED errors.
-Mirrors folded with key fob
-Windows down with key fob
-Windows not interrupted when doors are opened
-DRLs on all the time on pre-LCI car depending on your light module
-Fog light delete for performance bumper
-Disable seat belt reminder / chime
-Windows switch working for one minute after switching off your car
-Central locking / unlocking button functional without key in ignition
- Add panic alarm on your remote
- Brake Force Display

CIC / Navigation related

CIC retrofit on a car with standard radio / on a car with CCC
CIC with DAB retrofit
Flashing CIC / Combox to latest software
Combox / Bluetooth retrofit
$6FL retrofit with CIC

Hardware work done
Change the LED of your speedometer to white (M3 ones).
Help with sound system installation (Example here)
(Example 2)
(Example 3)
Addition of media / TV / USB box to CCC
Alpine kit Retrofit
Fully electric / Heated seats with memory retrofit
Rear Parking sensors (PDC) retrofit

So to all other CODERS in UK, please submit your details here.

hi mate it won't let me pm you for some reason so il have to put it here

hi mate I'm from Manchester , and I have just got a bmw 330d .. there is a few things I really want to do to the car , I'd like m3 led dash do you just need to code it or,install LEDs

I want to do the lci tail gate , chirp on setting alarm , any positive coding , but you are to far away to do this tbh for me , can I just buy a lead and code it myself , or do,you need more expensive equipment ... I don't fancy traveling al,over the country to get it coded tbh , and iff I could learn how to myself maybe you could add me as an up North source ..

another thing I heard a guy page two of the thread got alpine upgrade it needs his stereo recoding to flat qualifier I presume , is this an easy job , any help would be great as I have quite a lot to do .. il put up my car soon and introduce myself .. I've pollished some bmw spyder wheel and fit flat roof rails so far , easy job roof rails