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Originally Posted by e90pilot View Post
I got it out with my hands (well actually my friend did it). There are actually 2 c-clips. One connects the shifter to the selector rod. The other connects the selector rod to the gearbox. The one that's connects the rod to the leaver is easily accessed through without removing any parts. I remember him pulling just pulling it out backward (towards the rear of the car).

It's funny, some things on the e90 are really easy to get to, but somethings like the AC compressor are a pain to work on. My car had a bad AC right off the lot. It took them a month to find the problem, then another week to get it fixed. Good thing I wasn't working on it .

This Sunday I'm gonna install a new shifter and selector rod. (I'm kinda getting tired of this one.) Maybe I can get some more pix and details.

So with this DIY, you only need to pull out 1 C-clip (shifter/selector rod) and the other stay in place since you are not doing anything with the selector rod/gearbox. Just want to make sure. When I was peaking at it, I only saw but 1 C-clip (the other one might have been exposed for me to see).

GL with another shifter and do share your input on the new shifter.
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