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Help with iDrive screen please!

I posted the same question in the audio/visual forum, however heres the predicament:

I just picked up my AW E92 335xi 2 days ago with iDrive and decided to make its first mod the backup camera! As exciting as it sounds, I started doing all the work, finally had everything wired and tested it out by the screen looks like it went into a 16 bit color mode or something! All the colors and graphics are coming out terribly and it doesnt look like true color. Somehow I also managed to throw a service engine soon light, but upon performing a systems check everything says ok (don't understand how). I only have 61 miles on my car and i'm already so nervous that the warranty may now be void and i'll have to spend rediculous amounts of cash to get the screen fixed..PLEASE ANYONE HELP ME! Is there any way to change it back to true color? I'm going to the service center tomorrow regarding that check engine light so should I also revert everything back to normal?

Here is what the screen looks like (if you know what 16bit graphics look like on a computer, you'll be familiar with it)
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