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Originally Posted by Rick F. View Post

Wow, the articles I read about Commander Terry Goddard were fascinating! I had no idea that the Royal Navy used outmoded—but quite effective—biplanes throughout World War II, let alone that they managed to sink battleships with them.

And how great is it that Commander Goddard's Fairey Swordfish biplane still exists and still flies? That's amazing.

Of course, now you have to tell us how you ran across the Commander, not to mention his MGA coupe. I suspect it has to do with your Dad!

Bismark was leaving harbour. Royal Navy sailed to intercept. One vessel carried the Faireys. Cdr Goddard was in one.

his torpedo disabled the Bismark. Hit the rudder. It sailed in circles.

My Father and Cdr Goddard had known each other for years. He played rugby for England. His son and I played football together one year. Then we started skiing together.

Father, Terry, bought the MG coupe as his son's first car. It was the first car I drove with manual transmission.

They never talked of their wartime experiences until much later. My Father edited 4 volumes of Salty Dips, and wrote/published Orian, Mighty Warrior.

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