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Here my experience with bimmernav.
Got a 05/2007 328i. I stay in dallas so i drove to austin to get the TCU (84109122446 03/2007). Martin was very helpful and got the TCU installed but his coding tool could not recognize the car so we could not code it. Went back to my dealer but he could not code it either and told me this was an old unit, cars after 03/2007 are not compatible with older TCU's and would have to get the latest one. Martin sent me a ULF (84219123290 09/2006) as replacement. I tried to get it programmed from the dealer but with no success. I have given up and decided to return the parts to bimmernav for a refund.
So after $250 (programming) + most probably a 20% restocking fee i still have no bluetooth.
For those who really want to get bluetooth i would recommend getting it done from the dealer. It might be more expensive but if you are not able to get it installed successfully yourself in the first attempt it is going to cost you a lot more....