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Originally Posted by
What Im trying to tell you is very simple.
If you can't feel 15hp/10tq gain from full intake replacement, how can you feel 10hp/5tq gain from charcoal filter removal?
If you can't even feel better throttle response from free flow intake system, how can you feel slight difference in throttle response from removed filter?
I repeatedly mentioned that I cannot feel an increase in a mediocre (or at least minimal) increase in hp/torque. However, I can feel better throttle response. I could in all the aftermarket intake equipped BMW's I've owned over the years as well (I had aftermarket intakes in 4 of the 6 previous bimmers I've owned). I highly doubt any intake in a modern lower displacement normally aspirated BMW will get you the gains you are talking about (15hp/10tq). You will likely get a minor bump, but the main draw is to get the fuel burning quicker, by getting more air at it sooner. BMW wouldn't be making 335's if they could get 15hp/10tq by redesigning the intake.

By the way.. I just checked the original linked thread. It seems that those people are reporting the exact same thing... better throttle response, and a slight throatier sound. In fact, most are calling it a much better throttle response (or even raving about the difference). So.. you, who have not done this, are a better judge than the dozens who have?

(edited) I wanted to add that there is a bit throatier sound. My wife just followed me down to drop off my car for serivice (BT and mp3 not working), and asked if I had done a mod to the car, since it seemed a bit louder. Those wives... jeesh.. can't slip anything by them.