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Originally Posted by Craigito View Post
At first I thought this was going to be a nose in or nose out parking. I can't stand douchebags who insist on pulling in reverse to every parking spot (even going inside the grocery store to get some milk). Just last night this SUV took about 7 times to get it into his spot as i'm sitting there in Reverse waiting for this jackass to get out of my way.

Wow..that was way off topic. Sorry to digress. I have a garage. I live in Socal so the weather isn't bad enough here to buy a car cover IMO even if I did park outside. Although if I had a black/dark blue car I might consider one. At least all the ash from the fires is gone now!!!

My house was within a few miles of the fire and the water fountain in my backyard was blacken with ash, and the air quality was terrible.
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Frozen grey just says "I'm German, I'm refined, I'm understated, I'm precise, and I'm merciless."